Santander reports a significant surge in impersonation scams.

Published: Mar. 28, 2024

Santander UK, a major heavyweight of the banking world, has issued a chilling warning that has left hundreds of businesses trembling in its wake. Bank impersonation scams are not a novelty, however, the magnitude and frequency with which these are occurring is causing serious concern. The scariest part of it all?

The volume of these fraudulent activities reported by customers to the bank has skyrocketed over the recent months. With more than 200 customers having been approached with this scam in the course of September alone, and the numbers has been steadily rising since.

These cyber crooks, concealing their true identity, impersonate bank employees and manipulate staff into authorizing payments. They trick their victims into providing them with access to their accounts as well as devices. But just how cunning are these perpetrators? And what novel tactics are they using to facilitate their harrowing acts?

Chris Ainsley, the head of fraud risk management at Santander, addressed these disturbing issues. "Impersonation scams are rampant and the criminals perpetrating these crimes can be particularly devious in their approach." Ainsley warned of the complexities of these tactful manipulations that these fraudsters ingeniously devise in order to victimize unsuspecting individuals.

Detailing a classic example, Ainsley mentioned how these scams often begin with a seemingly innocuous phone call or text message from the so-called "bank's fraud department", complete with a case ID to make the interaction sound utterly legitimate. The victim, at the brink of being swindled, is then sent a link directing them to a counterfeit website specifically designed to trap and enable the victim. The question that remains unanswered is, what steps are being taken to combat these escalating imposters?


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