Chauffeur fees for Minister's Los Angeles trip cost £2,500

Published: May. 4, 2024
Richard Lochhead accused of living in ‘La-La land’ after three-day trip to California for a 15-minute speech landed taxpayers with bill of more than £11,000

Richard Lochhead, a government minister from Scotland, has reportedly utilized over £2,500 of public funding for chauffeured transportation services around Los Angeles. Serving in positions such as small business, innovation, tourism, and trade, Lochhead's ventures in L.A have come under scrutiny. The details of said expenses have recently come to light making waves among critics and public. The question that hangs heavily in the air - What was the driving purpose behind such exorbitant expenditure?

The trip, critics argue, appeared to have been centered around Lochhead delivering a 15-minute speech on advancements in space exploration, a premise that they find hard to justify for the extravagant cost. The hefty £2,514.89 bill for "chauffeur car travel" is being deemed as excessive, sparking a debate about the justifiable extent of governmental spending.

Further detailed scrutiny of the costs revealed that the total expenditure for Lochhead's trip amounted to a staggering £11,750. The breakdown of this sum shows a huge £7,979.85 laid out for airfare, a perceived lavishment for a relatively short international trip.

Accommodation charges ran up an additional £821.95, an amount critics suggest could have seen drastic cuts if planned appropriately. Adding insult to injury was the £438.12 claimed for "travel and subsistence", bringing the entire spendings under sharp criticism.

This data was disclosed by the Scottish government in response to a freedom of information request. With the dust still unsettled, Richard Lochhead's trip to what critics dubbed "La-La land" continues to stir controversy and calls for more fiscal responsibility in government functions.


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