Post Office scandal: Legislation to overturn convictions deemed as a 'ridicule of justice'

Published: Apr. 2, 2024

In a poignant twist of fate, certain families of convicted postmasters face an unexpected outrage. A significant legislative action, intended to overturn hundreds of wrongful convictions, alarmingly excludes their loved ones. A law designed for justice, ends up becoming a subject of controversy, creating an unforeseen cliffhanger...

The government tabled a bill on Wednesday aimed at negating numerous criminal convictions in one go. This new legislation targets wrongful convictions that relied on the faulty data from the Post Office's Horizon accounting system. When the decision was declared nine weeks ago, it was received with commendable enthusiasm by campaigners.

The legislation is expected to pass by July, which would enable approximately 700 victims to commence their compensation claims by year-end. The minimum compensation starts at a hefty £600,000, a substantial financial relief for the victims wrongfully convicted.

However, all is not rosy with this picture. Damningly, 13 cases will not benefit from this legislation. The reason behind this exclusion is the fact that either their convictions were sustained by the appeal courts or they were denied the right to appeal.

This exclusion has provoked a heartfelt appeal from the affected families for an expansion of the law. They are urging MPs to revise the bill to include their loved ones, underlining the point that justice can ever only be true when it is inclusive for all.


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