Racism dispute takes spotlight at PMQs, yet Abbott remains on the periphery.

Published: Mar. 23, 2024

Despite distaste showcased by the Conservative Party’s most prominent financier, it seems the representative for Hackney North and Stoke Newington is surprisingly in excellent condition. Diane Abbott, in spite of celebrating her 70th birthday quite recently, effortlessly made the entirety of the prime minister’s questions resemble her exclusive vigorous stepping exercise class. Yet, her dynamic and spirited efforts seem to have led to no solid conclusion...

She fervently rose and fell, pale in comparison to the relentless vigor she continually exhibited. Her enthusiasm was seemingly endless, invigorated by the barrage of issues thrown her way but, unfortunately, her effort ended in futility, with no concrete resolutions on the table.

The bulk of queries put forth to the prime minister related to the gross racial insults Diane Abbott was subjected to, all ironically stemming from a well-known entrepreneur and Tory funder, Frank Hester.

Given the nature and gravity of these unjust attacks on her, one would have assumed that the speaker might have permitted Diane Abbott to voice out a question of her own. However, in an unexpected turn of events, he refused to do so. A decision that has since raised several eyebrows and instigated many to question the rationale of the speaker's decision, casting a shadow over the events of the day.

This has left many wondering, what comes next for Diane Abbott? Only time will tell as we closely monitor the unfolding of these events.


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